The passion for Modica chocolate and the desire to produce a supreme quality chocolate bring Nacrè to light.

Nacrè is the quintessence of Modica chocolate: a one of a kind chocolate of ancient origins, where the quality of raw materials and the cold processing methods enhance the authentic taste and the natural properties of cocoa.

The craft work of our experienced chocolate masters combines tradition and innovation: smells and tastes are enhanced and the chocolate is silky, glossy and crunchy.

Taste, quality and elegance merge into the selected recipes of our workshops in Modica, a town well-known for its confectionery and chocolate tradition. New meaning to the pleasure of tasting chocolate.

Nacrè is a Modica chocolate prepared with selected cocoa just like that of its origin from Perù, Ecuador, Venezuela, Madagascar.

The taste and aromatic range of the cocoa mass are enhanced while the components’ high polyphenol content and their energy and nutritional content remained unchanged.

Only organic brown sugar, such as Panela and Muscovado, is added to our fine cocoa: a choice that guarantees a unique taste and consistency.

Refined ingredients enhance the taste of the flavoured chocolate bars: the utmost care in the selection of raw materials to give a vivid and intense experience.